The NFTs below are currently for sale on OpenSea or Foundation. Most I created myself, some I have collected.

All of these pieces are 1/1.

Beleriand (PJ)

This is an ultra-high-resolution 56 Megapixel aerial view of Beleriand, the setting for Tolkien’s Silmarillion. I created it using terabytes of data from USGS satellite images that I manipulated in Photoshop to create the image you see here.

For sale on Foundation

Mordor (PJ)

This is an aerial view of Mordor as it would have appeared in the Third Age, the time of The Lord of the Rings. I created it using USGS satellite data as I did for the rest of my Middle-earth maps, but in this case, I added certain details specific to LOTR.

For sale on Foundation

It would be enough just… (Dell’Osso)

This was one of the first pieces I bought. I think this is a wonderful metaphor for the struggle of life. It’s by Domenico Dell’Osso based on one of his acrylic paintings.

For sale on OpenSea

The Sun in 2021 (PJ)

This video shows the activity on the surface of the Sun in the first 6 months of 2021. I created it using images from 7 telescopes in the NSO NISP program, located in different parts of the world. I selected each of the 2,000 images individually and processed each one of them in Photoshop before compiling them into the video.

For sale on Foundation

The Dark Night (Aja Trier)

This is another of my early NFT purchases. It’s a pretty amazing animation of one of Aja’s own oil paintings.

For sale on Foundation

Solar Two (PJ)

This is one of three different videos that I did that capture activity on the surface of the Sun. I used images from the NISP NSO program, in this case from their telescope in Chile.

This video is my favourite due to the intense sunspot activity.

For sale on Foundation

If Gandalf Had Tech #1 (PJ)

Back to Tolkien, and this is a quirky little video that I created based on an app that I developed about 5 years ago. It allowed you to augment the real world image with real or fantasy locations. In this case, Gandalf is using it as he leaves Rivendell with the Fellowship.

For sale on Foundation

If Gandalf Had Tech #2 (PJ)

This is the second in the IGHT series. I created this during the pandemic and I was imagining what would have happened in Middle-earth. Here, Gandalf is WFH (on top of Isengard actually) to remote into the Council of Elrond.

For sale on Foundation

Ibanez Morph (PJ)

I am a huge fan of Ibanez guitars. I created images of dozens of Ibanez guitars for the gallery on this site. I also added them into this video that I created in Final Cut Pro.

For sale on Foundation