Venus is an RG1520GK that I acquired in 2012. For many years it was my only Ibanez and I played it regularly. However I was never really taken with its black satin finish so in early 2020 I decided to paint it. I considered doing a “swirl” which is where you dip the guitar body into a tub of water that has enamel paint sitting on the surface. That produces instant results, but I was looking for something different and I was very interested in the many artists getting amazing results with acrylic pours.

I did a few practice canvases and I found that a particular variant known as an acrylic swipe produced the best results. I did a test on a spare body that I had before applying the technique properly for the first time on my custom Ibanez JS project, that I ended up calling Jupiter on the basis of the results. I then applied the same technique to my RG1520, but this time I filmed it.